A bright future for GitHub - Github 一个光明的未来



Jun 04, 2018 defunkt

GitHub and Microsoft

I am very excited to announce that Microsoft is acquiring GitHub and expect the agreement to close by the end of the year. While it will still take a few months to finalize, we wanted to share the news as soon as we were able.
我非常兴奋的宣布微软将获得 Github 的所有权, 并且期望在年底之前完成协议; 虽然依然会花几个月的时间来最终完成,我们已经迫不及待想分享这则新闻了.

When GitHub first launched ten years ago, I could have never imagined this headline. Git was a powerful but niche tool, clouds were just things in the sky, and Microsoft was a very different company. Open source and business, people said at the time, mixed as well as oil and water.
当 Github 十年前第一次发布时,我们从不会想象到这么火. Git 曾是一个强大的商业工具,云曾是虚无缥缈的东西,而且微软也曾是不一样的公司。在那时人们常说开源与商业的混合都是半吊子, 就像油和水的混合一样。

We disagreed. As developers, we knew this was a false dichotomy—we had been using open source software successfully in a business setting for a long time. What we really needed was an easier way to work with others regardless of whether the code was public, private, or something in-between. We wanted to do it using Git, we wanted anyone in the world to be able to join in, and we didn’t want it to cost a dime if it was open source. So we created GitHub.
我们不同意,作为开发人员,我们知道这是虚假的划分 - 我们一直成功的把开源软件运用在商业领域很长时间. 我们需要的真正东西是一个比较简单的方式来和其他人一起工作,不管代码是公开的,私有的,或者两者之间的其它方式. 我们想使用 Git 来完成, 我们希望世界上的每个人都能够加入进来,如果是开源的话我们不想花上哪怕一枚硬币. 所以我们创建了 GitHub.

Now, of course, things are different. Git is far and away the most popular version control system, clouds are mostly computers, and Microsoft is the most active organization on GitHub in the world. Their VS Code project alone is beloved by millions of developers, entirely open source, and built using GitHub’s Electron platform. Beyond that, today major enterprises regularly embrace open source. The world has realized how important happy, productive developers really are. And also, people have smartphones now.
现在,当然,事情开始变得不一样,Git 无疑是最流行的版本控制系统, 云主机占了多半,而微软是世界上在 Github 中最活跃的组织. 他们的 VS Code 单个项目受到百万个开发人员喜爱,全面开源,并且使用 GitHub 上的 Electron 平台进行构建. 除此之外, 如今巨头纷纷开始拥抱开源. 整个世界开始意识到快乐的与效率的开发人员是多么重要. 而且人们现在都有智能手机了。

What hasn’t changed, however, is our focus on the developer. From the beginning, we have been obsessed with building a product for the people using it. We want to make developers more productive and we want more people to become developers. From “Code to Cloud and Code to Edge”, GitHub’s mission is to help every developer—regardless of experience level—learn, code, and ship software effectively.
然而,没有改变的是我们一直专注在开发人员身上. 从一开始,我们一直着迷于建设一款产品让人们来使用它. 我们想让开发人员更有效率并且想让更多人成为开发工程师. 从到云和到端,GitHub 的使命是帮助每一位开发人员 - 不管经验是学习水平、编码水平、还是经验丰富的大牛。

So as we look to the next decade of software development and beyond, we know it’s all about the developer. And as we’ve gotten to know the team at Microsoft over the past few years through collaborating on projects from Git LFS to Electron, we’ve learned that they agree. Their work on open source has inspired us, the success of the Minecraft and LinkedIn acquisitions has shown us they are serious about growing new businesses well, and the growth of Azure has proven they are an innovative development platform.
所以由于我们看到软件发展的下一个十年甚至更长,所有的一切都是开发人员. 而据我们一直了解微软的团队在过去的一些年中在各个项目中进行合作,从 Git LFS 到 Electron。 我们得到了他们的认可,他们的开源工作鼓励了我们,他们对 Minecraft 与 Linked 的成功收购让我们看到对新公司的成长比较认真,Azure 的成长证明他们是一家具有创新性的发展平台。

But more than that, their vision for the future closely matches our own. We both believe GitHub needs to remain an open platform for all developers. No matter your language, stack, platform, cloud, or license, GitHub will continue to be your home—the best place for software creation, collaboration, and discovery.
但是,比较重要的是,他们对未来的愿景和我们的非常匹配. 我们双方相信 GitHub 需要为所有开发人员保持一个开源平台. 不管你的开发语言,技术栈,平台,云,或版权如何,GitHub 会继续是你们的家 - 为软件的创作,合作,与探索提供最好的地方。

We both believe that software development needs to become easier, more accessible, more intelligent, and more open, so more people can become developers and existing developers can spend more time focusing on the unique problems they’re trying to solve.

We both see the growing need for developers and the growing importance of software in all facets of our lives.

And, most importantly, we both believe we can do greater things together than alone. Collaboration, after all, is at the heart of everything we do.
并且,更重要的是,我们双方相信比起一方,我们可以一起做更伟大的事情. 毕竟合作是一切的核心。

As part of this change, Nat Friedman will be taking on the role of GitHub’s CEO. We have been searching for a new CEO for some time and found in both Microsoft and Nat a partner we believe will strengthen and grow the GitHub community and company over the next few years. Nat has a ton of experience with software and the open source software community, having co-founded Xamarin and worked on numerous open source projects over the years, and is the perfect person to help GitHub grow and continue to make life better for developers.
作为改变的一部分, Nat Friedman 会出席 GitHub CEO 职位. 我们双方一直为寻找和最终找到一位新的 CEO 花了些时间,我们相信在未来的一些年中,微软与 Nat 以一个合作的方式会让 GitHub 社区或公司加强和成长. Nat 拥有非常丰富的软件与开源软件社区的工作经验, 曾是 Xamarin 的联合创始人并在非常多的开源项目上工作了很多年,并且是一个非常完美的人可以帮助 GitHub 继续成长让开发人员的生活更美好。

As for me, I’ll be taking on a new role at Microsoft working closely with Nat and the team, and will share more details on that in the future.
对我来说,我会在微软出席一个新的角色来与 Nat 和整个团队进行紧密工作, 并且会在未来分享更多的细节。

I’m extremely proud of what GitHub and our community have accomplished over the past decade, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead. The future of software development is bright and I’m thrilled to be joining forces with Microsoft to help make it a reality.
我对 Github 以及我们社区在过去十年中取得的成绩感到特别自豪,我已经等不及想看未来的发展情况. 软件发展的未来是明亮的,我非常兴奋加入微软并用其强大的力量来帮助这一切成为现实。

CEO & Co-Founder, GitHub